Food Grains Supervisors Past Paper pdf

Food grains ppsc past paper
Food grains ppsc past paper

Are you looking food grains supervisor past paper ? Here are PPSC food grains supervisor past paper are given. PPSC food grains past papers are available for PPSC candidates who applied in Food grains , inspector , controller. PPSC food grains supervisor past paper 2022 in MCQS. Food grains supervisor past paper questions. Candidates can read online food grains supervisor past paper MCQs in this post.

Food grains supervisor BS-09 past papers MCQs solved

  • Which province of Pakistan has the largest area?

a) Punjab

b) Sindh

c) KPK

d) Baluchistan

  • The border between Pakistan and Afghanistan is known as?

a) Khyber Pass

b) Shahrah-e-Resham

c) Boland Pass

d) Durand Line

  • In which year NWFP was named KPK ?

a) 2008

b) 2011

c) 2010

d) 2009

  • The Mohammad Educational Conference was founded in:

a) 1884

b) 1890

c) 1891

d) 1886

  • The Jallianwala Bagh incident took place on 13th April in :

a) 1919

b) 1915

c) 1917

d) 1913

  • The Pamphlet “Now or Never” was written by:

a) Chaudhry Rehmat Ali

b) Allama Iqbal

c) Quid-e-Azam

d) Sir syed

  • Which of the following is not a member of Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO):

a) Pakistan

b) Chechnya

c) Afghanistan

d) Kazakhstan

  • Percentage of women in the population of Pakistan is:

a) 53%

b) 51%

c) 49%

d) (Please confirm this question)

  • Rank of Pakistan according to Population Size in the world is:

a) 8th

b) 6th

c) 9th

d) Current in 2022 on 5th Rank *also check this question

  • The national flower of Pakistan is:

a) Tulip

b) Rose

c) Sunflower

d) Jasmine

  • Boundary Line between China and India is called:

a) Red Line

b) McMahon Line

c) Package Line

d) None of these

  • During British rule in India , in 1905, Bengal was partitioned by:

a) Lord Minto

b) Lord Simla

c) Radcliff

d) Lord Curzon

  • Simla Deputation (October 1906) consisted of ______________ Muslim leaders?

a) 18

b) 35

c) 50

d) 40

  • The demand for ‘Separate Electorate’ in India _______ Muslims was accepted in?

a) 1906

b) 1909

c) 1919

d) 1935

  • India’s Partition plan was announced on ?

a) June 3, 1947

b) July 3, 1947

c) July 18, 1947

d) August 14, 1947

  • Which Indian Muslim leader was buried in Jerusalem?

a) Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar (Death: 4 January 1931 (aged 52) London, England)

b) Sir Sayyed Ahmad Khan

c) Nawab Waqarul Mulk

d) Maulvi Fazlul Haq

  • Who was the last Viceroy of India?

a) Lord Mountbatten

b) Lord Wavell

c) Lord Cripps

d) None of these

  1. Who was the last Governor General of Pakistan?

a) Quid-i-Azam

b) Ghulam Muhammad

c) Iskander Mirza

d) Ayub Khan

  • Objectives Resolution was passed in ?

a) 1940

b) 1949(PM Liaqat Ali Khan)

c) 1974

d) 1985

  • Who was the Indian Prime Minister to sign Tashkent Declaration with Pakistan?

a) Lal Bahadur Shastri (President of Pakistan Muhammad Ayyub Khan)

b) Jawahar Lal Nehru

c) Indira Gandhi

d) Atal Bihari Vajpayee

  • Quid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah joined Muslim League in:

a) 1906

b) 1911

c) 1913

d) 1916

  • Allahabad Address by Allama Iqbal was delivered in ?

a) 19 Dec 1930

b) 1906

c) 1938

d) None of these

  • Which Indian Muslim Leader moved the Pakistan Resolution at the All India Muslim League Session held in Lahore in 1940?

a) Maulvi Fazal ul Haq

b) Maulana Bashani

c) Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman

d) Maulana Shibli Naumani

  • The 1st Prime Minister of Pakistan , Liaqat Ali Khan, was assassinated on ?

a) Oct 16, 1951

b) Dec 16, 1951

c) Sep 16, 1951

d) Nov 16, 1951

  • Simla Agreement between India and Pakistan was signed in ?

a) 1960

b) 02 July , 1972

c) 1966

d) 1988

  • Hazrat Sheikh Ali Bin Usman Hajweri (Data Ganj Nukhsh) came to india during the time of :

a) Mughlas

b) Khiljis

c) Tughluq

d) Ghaznavi

  • The normal temperature of the human body is:

a) 98.4 ‘F

b) 96.4 ‘F

c) 100 ‘F
d) 93.4 ‘F

  • Capital of Mayanmar is :

a) Yangoon

b) Colombo

c) Khulna

d) None of these

  • World Population day is celebrated on:

a) 11th July

b) 11th June

c) 11th May

d) None of these

  • World Water Day is celebrated on:

a) 22nd March

b) 22nd June

c) 22nd July

d) None of these

  • World Literacy Day is celebrated on:

a) 5th Sep

b) 6th Sep

c) 8th Sep

d) None of these

  • Greenwhich mean time passes though

a) Ireland

b) Moroco

c) Mali

d) None of these

  • _______ is the nearest planet to Earth:

a) Venus

b) Mars

c) Jupiter

d) None of these (Please confirm this question)

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