Important World Geography MCQs Questions Answers for competitive exam

Important World Geography MCQs Questions Answers for competitive exam

General Knowledge World Geography Questions Answers MCQS for all jobs exam preparation FIA , PPSC , NTS , OTS , FPSC , CSS and other exam with answers are given here.

World Geography MCQs

1.Which one is known as lighthouse of Mediterranean Sea

a) Stromboli of Sicily

b) Vesuvius of Italy

c) Paricutin of Mexico

d) None

Stromboli of Sicily

2.Day and Night are equal at_?

a) Poles

b) Antarctic

c) Equator

d) Prime Meridian


3.Which one of the following Sea is without a coastline?

a) Black Sea

b) Sea of Aziv

c) Sargasso Sea

d) Mediterranean Sea

Sargassi Sea

4. The largest circle which can be drawn on the earth’s surface passes through?

a) Equator

b) Tropic of Cancer

c) artic Circle

d) Tropic of Capricorn


5. Which one of the countries is located on the region known as Horn of Africa



c) Sudan

d) South Africa


6. The African Continent is separated from European Continent by which sea?

a)Red Sea

b)Aral Sea

c) Black Sea

d) Mediterranean Sea

Mediterranean Sea

7. Which one is landlocked sea?

a)Dead Sea

b)Laptev Sea

c) Ligurian Sea

d) None of these

Dead Sea

8. Which one is the world’s narrowest and longest nation?



c) New Zealand

d) Japan


9. Which one is the southernmost Point of African continent?

a)Cape Horn

b)cape forward

c) Cape Anta

d) Cape Agulhas

Cape Agulhas

10. The largest city in Latin America is ?


b)Ruha National Park

c) Rio-de-Janerio

d) Mexico city

Mexico City

11. The Kruger National Park is located in______? /

a)South Africa


c) China

d) Zambia

South Africa

12. Which one is the deepest river in the world? 

a)Nile River

b)Amazon River

c) Congo River

d) Niger River

Congo River

13.In which two countries of Africa , Maisa tribes can be found? 

a) Kenya and Tanzania

b)South Africa and Namibia

c) Sanz Congo and Angola bar

d) Egypt and Libya

Kenya and Tanzania

14. Lake Taupo is located in? 

a) Fiji

b) Australia

c) New Zealand

d) South Korea

New Zealand

15. The largest reservoir of fresh water is? 

a) Ground water


c) Lakes

d) Ponds

Ground water

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